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Good Quote on True Friends in Life


People who can sense the Sorrow behind your Smile, the Love behind your Anger, the Meaning behind your Silence are your True Friends in Life.  ~~Get more quotes on Friends and Friendship~~

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No Life Without Love


Love leads happiness… Love leads to sorrow… Love leads to success… Love saves from failure… And Life is made of happiness, sorrow, success and failure… Well, so well said… 🙂 No Life Without Love 🙂

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Sorrow Looks Back, Worry Looks Around, Faith Looks Up!


Sorrow looks back, Worry looks around, Faith looks up. Choose the direction you want to face!

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Life Is Like A Sea…


Sea is common for all. Some take pearls. Some take fishes. Some come out with wet legs. Life is like a Sea… A sea is full of precious pearls, salts and fishes. Life is full of happy and sad moments. … Continue reading

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Laugh So Hard


Laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles at you. Fight so strong that even fate accepts defeat. Love so true that even hatred walks out of the way. And live life so well that even death loves to see you … Continue reading

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