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That is Good Life!


Love yourself Flirt with your understanding Romance with your dreams Get engaged with simplicity Marry genuineness Divorce the ego That is Good Life!

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Love Your Life


Love yourself… Flirt with your understanding, Romance with dreams, Get engaged with simplicity, Marry genuineness, Divorce the ego. That’s good life. 

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Out Of Clutter, Find Simplicity…


Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. -Albert Einstein ~~Get more Words of Wisdom by Great Thinkers~~

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Mantra to Be Happy


  The MANTRA to be HAPPY: Don’t hate- Hatred or anger towards someone or something does not harm them but the one who has those feelings. They generate bad vibes within the person overcoming his own happiness. Don’t worry- The more you … Continue reading

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Embrace Simplicity


Simple living and high thinking is the mantra for a truly peaceful and happy life… so go ahead and display plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness and have few desires.  

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