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Just Being With Yourself…


Some days just being with yourself… quietly… gently… is the best company u can have. It’s one of those happy days. -Shah Rukh Khan

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I May Not Be The Best…


I may not be the BEST, But I am definitely not like the REST!

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I am Strong Because I know…


I am Strong Because I know my Weaknesses I am Beautiful Because I am aware of my Flaws I am Fearless Because I learnt to recognize, illusion from Real I am Wise Because I learn from my Mistakes I am … Continue reading

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Inspirational Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson


What lies behind us and What lies before us are Tiny matters compared to What lies within us. -Ralph Waldo Emerson ~~Get more inspirations~~

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I Do Just What I Want To Do


I just do what I want. It’s not about what people are saying. It’s about ME.

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