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Love and Accept Yourself


I am what I am… I am a good person… I am kind at heart… I may not be the best at everything but I am better that a big lot! I know my flaws and I know my strengths… … Continue reading

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Know Your Worth Even If Others Do Not!


Make sure you do not start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who do not value it. Know your worth even if they do not! -Thema Davis

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If You Do Not Know Your Own Worth And Value…


If you do not know your own worth and value, Then Do Not expect someone else to calculate it for you.

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You Cannot Be Lonely If…


You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Treat Yourself With Love And Respect…


Notice You are hereby allowed To be happy, to love yourself, To realize your worth, To believe in great things, And to treat yourself with Love and respect.

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The Worst Thing About Being Lied To…


The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you’re not worth the truth.  ~~Life is like that…~~

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I Am Me and I Love Me!


I am strong, I am fierce, I am sensitive, I am tough, I am kind, I am loveable, I am offensive, I am loud, I am funny, I am smart, I am stubborn, I am honest, I am supportive, I am defensive. I am … Continue reading

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Self Motivating Quote- Be Your Own…


We must be OUR OWN Before We can be ANOTHER’S. -Ralph Waldo Emerson For being true to someone else, it is important to be true to yourself, to have faith in yourself. Unless a person is confident himself others cannot … Continue reading

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You Were Made To Stand Out!


Why are you trying so hard to fit in When you were born to stand out!

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Don’t Force Yourself To Have Space In Someone’s Life…


Don’t force yourself to have space in someone’s life Because if they know your worth, They’ll create one for you.

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