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Negative Thinkers And Positive Thinkers


Negative thinkers focus on problems. Positive thinkers focus on results.

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Clear Your Mind Of Can’t!


Clear your mind of can’t… Have a Positive Attitude in life. You may say, There is no problem that cannot be solved… or All problems have a solution 🙂 If we have an optimistic approach, we can achieve the goals … Continue reading

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Less Negativity More Inspiration


Less talk. More results. Less hate. More encouragement. Less TV. More learning. Less negativity. More inspiration. -Robin Sharma

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Make Room For Positive Energy…


Every time you Subtract negativity from your life, You make room for more positive energy. ~~Think Positive~~ ~~Inspirational and Motivational Quotes~~

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Positive Mind-Positive Life


When you sow the seed of a lemon tree you should not expect cherries to pop out… If we have a negative mind set and think negative than how can we expect positive outcomes for our efforts? Throw negativity out … Continue reading

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