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Friendship is like Money..


 Friendship is like Money, easier made, than kept… ~ If you liked this thought, you may like other beautiful thoughts on Friendship ~

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Words of Wisdom-It’s Good To Have The Things Money Can Buy, But…


It’s good to have money and  the things that money can buy, But it’s good too, to checkup once in a while that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy. ~~Words of Wisdom~~ Quotes on friendship~Quotes on love~Inspirational … Continue reading

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Happiness and Shopping


Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to go shopping 😉

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Just Remember God!


Money says: Earn me, forget everything Time says: Follow me, forget everything Future says: Struggle for me, forget everything God simply says: Just remember me, I’ll Give You Everything.

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If You Want To Feel Rich…


If you want to Feel Rich Just count all the things You have that Money cannot buy 🙂

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