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Donald Miller Quotes on Relation Between Expectation and Liking


When you stop expecting people to be perfect, You can like them for who they are. -Donald Miller

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That’s Life… And That’s The Way We Roll.


We never get what we want. We never want what we get. We never have what we like. We never like what we have. And still we live and love. That’s life… And that’s the way we roll. -Anonymous

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I Like You a Lottle!


I like you a Lottle. It’s like a little, With a lot. 🙂 These Sweet Nothings make our relationship sweeter and stronger 🙂 A little smile, Sweet words like you make my day… I like you… I like your smile… … Continue reading

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Hug Day-Valentine’s Week


A hug’s a way to share the joy And the sad times we go through Or just a way for friends to say They like you ‘cause you’re YOU… ~~Feel The Love and Express It~~ ~~More Love Quotes~~

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Quotes on Self-Maybe I like to be Imperfect


I’ll never be perfect. But maybe I like being imperfect. Whether you choose to see past my flaws is your choice. Be Confident about yourself in work and relationship. Enlighten yourself and be happy!!!

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If your tongue is positive, all the people in the world will like you..


Don’t just see the good in others… speak good too! If your eyes are positive You like all the people in this world… AND If your tongue is positive And the people in the world like you 🙂

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