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A Sweet Love Quote- Sometimes All a Person Needs is…


Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.

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Sometimes Somebody …


Sometimes, somebody says something really small and it fits just right into this empty place in your heart. You never know how strongly a small gesture or a few words from you can make a deep impact on someone else’s life. … Continue reading

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Rumi Quotes on Removing The Burdens of Your Heart


Be silent… Only the hand of God can remove the burdens of your Heart. -Rumi I read the above Rumi quote somewhere and interpreted that all of us have some burden on our heart and in order to get rid … Continue reading

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When God puts Tears in Your Eyes, it’s because…


When God puts tears in your eyes, it’s because He wants to put a rainbow in your heart.

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Lit your Face with Smile, Your Heart with Love


Lit your Face with Smile, Your Heart with Love, Your Words with Joy, Your Actions with Grace… See how you will be surrounded by Happiness and Success All through the Day. -Shobhna RJ ************************************************************************************************************************ Get Beautiful Quotes on Smile to … Continue reading

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Follow your Heart and be True to Yourself…


Follow your heart and be true to yourself. Never live the life of another. Create your own road. Be the best you can possibly be. Today is special… why? Well Simply because YOU are special and Special people can make … Continue reading

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Let Your Heart Be Happy Always…


Heart is not a basket for keeping tensions & sadness. It’s a golden pot for keeping roses of happiness. Let your heart be happy always 🙂

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A Beautiful Quote on Hope


We cannot fast forward time to know if it’s worth it. So we trust our hearts and hope it turns out right.

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One Moment Can Change Your Mind…


One moment can change your mind, One look can change your heart, And One person can change your destiny!

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Eleanor Roosevelt-Thoughts on Matters of Head and Heart


To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart. -Eleanor Roosevelt

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Hearts Are Often Broken By Words Left Unspoken!


If you love someone tell them… Because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken. – Pamela Daranjo

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Never Break Four Things In Lour Life…


Never break four things in your life- Trust Promise Relation & Heart Because when they break, they don’t make noise… …but pain a lot!

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Beauty Gets The Attention…


Beauty gets the attention. Personality gets the heart!

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Dalai Lama’s Simple Religion


This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; No need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, Our own heart is our temple; The philosophy is kindness. -Dalai Lama

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Japanese Proverb- Because Your Heart Is Beautiful…


Because your heart is so beautiful, Everything looks beautiful to you. -Japanese Proverb

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Be In Someone’s Thoughts And Prayers


There are two amazing places you can be… The nicest place to be is in someones thoughts. The safest place to be is in someones prayers.

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A Mind That Never Minds…


Go for a Mind, that never Minds. Heart, that never Hurts. Brain, that never Drains Touch, that never Pains & Relation, that never End! And this way you will finally find yourself being leading a happy and peaceful life 🙂

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The Only Things You Can Take When You Leave This World Are The…


The only things you can take when you leave this world are the things you’ve packed inside your heart…

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Kindness Comes In Many Forms…


Kindness comes in many forms but always from the heart.

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Of The Head And The Heart


The head learns new things, But the heart forever practices old experiences. -Henry Ward Beecher

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