Don’t Let Stupid Things Break your Happiness


Don’t let stupid things break your happiness. 

Happiness is my Birthright 


Come what difficulties in life, may,

I shall Always enjoy it!



~~Happiness Quotes~~



Have a great Day and a Lovely Weekend Ahead!!!



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Most Obstacles Melt Away When…


Most obstacles melt away when

we make up our minds

to walk boldly through them.

-Orison Swett Marden

There is always a way to cross any obstacle.

Always remember, when learning a new chapter in mathematics, 

first the formulas are taught and then problems related to the same are give to solve.

Same happens in life, 

First destiny makes answers and then puts questions related to same in front of us…

We just need to give our mind a little exercise.

Do not Panic…

Keep a Cool Head…

There is a Solution to every Problem…

There is a way to Melt away every Obstacle!




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Osho Quotes on Love, Jealousy and God


Drop jealousy and love wells up.

Jealousy means that I am the owner.

It is an ego trip, and wherever there is ego there is poison, and the poison kills the very source of love.

One has to become aware of just these few things and discard them and one’s life becomes a lotus of love.

And then there is no need to go in any search of God, God will come in search of you.

This is my observation, that God always comes seeking the true seeker.

Whenever the disciple is ready the master appears.


~~Words from The Great Thinkers~~

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Concentrate All Your Energies…


Nothing can add more power to your life than

concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets.

-Nido Qubein


~~Words of Wisdom~~


~~Motivational Quotes~~


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Anne Wilson Schaef Quotes-I Realize that Humor Isn’t for Everyone.


I realize that humor isn’t for everyone.

It’s only for people who want to

Have Fun,

Enjoy Life


Feel Alive.

-Anne Wilson Schaef

Life is small… Live it!

Stop cribbing over things you can’t change and take steps to change the ones you can.

Stop pitying yourself for your shortcomings and start enhancing your talents.

Work towards adding life to your years and not years to your life.

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