No One Drives Us Crazy Unless…


no one drives us crazy unless we give them the keys-thought for the day

No one drives us crazy unless we give them the keys.

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Our scars remind us where we come from. They don’t have to determine or dictate where we’re going. -Troy Payne


Our scars remind us where we come from-They don’t have to determine or dictate where we’re going-Troy Payne-quotes-thought of the day

Our scars remind us where we come from.

They don’t have to determine or dictate where we’re going.

-Troy Payne



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Secrets and Lies kill Relationships


Secrets and lies kill relationships.

No matter how careful you are,

You will get caught.

Sometimes you have to be mean and hurt someone’s feelings to help and save their heart.

The truth hurts, but the lies kills.

Keeping Secrets from a Friend or close one makes a crack in the relationship and

then lying to them widens this crack.

 For Friendship or any other relationship to sustain, truth and transparency is a must. 

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Why Stop Dreaming When You Wake Up?


Why Stop Dreaming When You Wake Up?

-Tally Welsh

I strongly believe,

Dreams are a way of nature that tell us what we want from our inner core.

What keeps going in our sub conscious mind is what comes in our dreams.

Again, there are happy dreams and those with screams.

Most of the times we fail to remember them.

But what we Dream with Open Eyes is something else.

Those are the dreams that we can truly realize in our life.

Go ahead… work on them.

No castles would ever have been made unless someone had dreamed of making them.

Dream, even sky is not the limit… So, Dream high…

Make achieving your dream your aim in life.

Keep your eyes on your aim and move ahead…

All The Best…. I know you CAN do it!!!


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Don’t Let Stupid Things Break your Happiness


Don’t let stupid things break your happiness. 

Happiness is my Birthright 


Come what difficulties in life, may,

I shall Always enjoy it!



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Have a great Day and a Lovely Weekend Ahead!!!



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Behind every Favorite Song-There is an Untold Story.


Behind every Favorite Song,

There is an Untold Story.




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Trust Life and Relax


Your ability to


is directly proportional to

your ability to

Trust Life.

Have Faith in yourself.

Have Faith in your abilities.

You have the capability to find a way to scale the highest mountain, to cross the vastest ocean.

You have the capability to solve the gravest of problems.

Then why take tension?


Do not worry about the results.

Life is going to be Good.

Keep up your efforts in life, 

 and relax…


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Most Obstacles Melt Away When…


Most obstacles melt away when

we make up our minds

to walk boldly through them.

-Orison Swett Marden

There is always a way to cross any obstacle.

Always remember, when learning a new chapter in mathematics, 

first the formulas are taught and then problems related to the same are give to solve.

Same happens in life, 

First destiny makes answers and then puts questions related to same in front of us…

We just need to give our mind a little exercise.

Do not Panic…

Keep a Cool Head…

There is a Solution to every Problem…

There is a way to Melt away every Obstacle!




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Osho Quotes on Love, Jealousy and God


Drop jealousy and love wells up.

Jealousy means that I am the owner.

It is an ego trip, and wherever there is ego there is poison, and the poison kills the very source of love.

One has to become aware of just these few things and discard them and one’s life becomes a lotus of love.

And then there is no need to go in any search of God, God will come in search of you.

This is my observation, that God always comes seeking the true seeker.

Whenever the disciple is ready the master appears.


~~Words from The Great Thinkers~~

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Concentrate All Your Energies…


Nothing can add more power to your life than

concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets.

-Nido Qubein


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Anne Wilson Schaef Quotes-I Realize that Humor Isn’t for Everyone.


I realize that humor isn’t for everyone.

It’s only for people who want to

Have Fun,

Enjoy Life


Feel Alive.

-Anne Wilson Schaef

Life is small… Live it!

Stop cribbing over things you can’t change and take steps to change the ones you can.

Stop pitying yourself for your shortcomings and start enhancing your talents.

Work towards adding life to your years and not years to your life.

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A Man Can Be As Great As He Wants To Be


A man can be as great as he wants to be.

If you believe in yourself and have

the courage,

the determination,

the dedication,

the competitive drive


if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life


pay the price for the things that are worthwhile,

it can be done.

-Vince Lombardi


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Shannon L. Alder Quotes- Swearing Doesn’t Make Your Argument Valid…


Swearing doesn’t make your argument valid;

It just tells the other person you have lost your class and control.

-Shannon L. Alder

All that Anger Yields is Loss.

As is said,

For every minute that you are angry…

You loose 60 seconds of happiness!

No happiness or victory is gained by anger.

These are gained by a cool mind.

When we lose our control and things appear to be going out of our hand,

the best thing to do is Keep Quiet.

Let the Moment Pass.

When you have a clear head only then can you think rationally.

Words that come out in anger do nothing but spoil your relationship with the other person.

Nothing is permanent in this world, and certainly not anger.

So, just let it pass… it is real difficult at times, yet Not Impossible!

Have a Peaceful, Calm, Happy and Successful Life :)


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Leave Guilt of Past and Anxiety for Future… Live in Present.


No amount of guilt can

solve the past.

No amount of anxiety can

change the future.

Think Positive and Positive Things will happen to you.

Past cannot be changed and Future can not be accurately predicted.

We can rectify the mistakes of the past by not repeating them…

And by making what amendments possible…

Crying over the past is useless waste of present.

What we do today, the way we act and take decisions in life is surely going to affect our future.

Yet it does not mean that the future is going to be exactly as we predict it today.

Worrying about tomorrow and spoiling this very precious moment of life is the most foolish thing to do.

Show your intelligence…

Enjoy the Present that Life has given you…

Namely-Today… This day!

 Have a Great Day and Peaceful Night!!!

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Decide Between Playing Safe in Life or Growth…



We always learn more from our mistakes or failures than our success.

And how do mistakes happen?

They happen when we try to do something we have not done before…

meaning when we try to stretch ourselves and our abilities.

We cannot grow up unless we take chances.

Wonder how would we have learned to walk if we had not tried to get up and stand or put our first foot out?

For taking our Big Leap in Life, we need to take chances and get out of our safe zone, look out for and calculate the risks…

Life is Not meant to be safe and easy.

You should look out for adventure every day. 

As a sports coach would say, “If you want to improve, you must work so hard that it hurts.”

Suffering is needed to make progress.

If you play it safe in life,

You’ve decided that you don’t want to grow anymore.

-Shirley Hufstedler


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Be Not Afraid of Growing Slowly…


Be not afraid of Growing Slowly, be afraid of Standing Still.

-Chinese Proverb

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Best Friends are Made by Destiny…


When destiny forgets to tie some people in blood relations…

It corrects its mistake by making them true friends.


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We Stay in Love by Choice


We fall in love by Chance

We stay in love by Choice


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Listen to What Your Conscience Whispers


One should be more concerned

about  what his conscience whispers than

about what other people shout.



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A Walter Brunell Quote on Failure and Success



Failure is the Tuition you pay for Success.

-Walter Brunell

Have a Successful Day!!!

~~Achievements and Happiness~~

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