The only disability in life is bad attitude.

Our attitude defines our outlook. It paves the path that we take for facing the various challenges that come our way.

A positive attitude helps us to look at every problem as a challenge and hence helps us to overcome it and achieve success.

A negative attitude does the exact opposite, resulting in failure.

Have a positive attitude…

Have a lovely day!!!

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Beauty Is Not Flawless…


Beauty is not flawless;

It shines even through flaws…

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Sailing in The Same Boat…


We are all in the same game, just different levels.

Dealing with the same hell, but just different devils.

Never go in doom thinking you are the only one who has problems in life.

All the people, young and old, rich and poor have problems.

Everyone deals with his problems in his own way.

Some happily and some in a depressed way.

But no one is free from problems as there is no fun in an uneventful life.

Keep cool and be happy… after all we are all sailing in the same boat called life 🙂

~~Quotes on Life~~


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Every Line Means Something


Every line means something.

Every event that happens in our life happens for a purpose.

The people we see, we meet… it is all for a purpose.

We do not realize it at that very moment, but later on in life we do come to realize that everything that happens, it happens for a purpose.

Every line we read, it has some meaning.

Nothing in life is meaningless.

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Life is Like a Mirror


Life is like a mirror.

Smile at it and it smiles back at you.

Positivity breeds positivity and negativity breeds negativity.

If we think positively, life gives us positive results.

Always be an optimist in all walks of life and see how life smiles back at you.


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Good Things


I will say YES to all the good things that come my way.

Life throws both good and bad things to us all through the day.

It is up to us to pick up the good from the trash and make the best out of it.

Happiness is the key to success in life.

Happiness comes when we feel good.

We feel good when we get good.

There are so many things that life puts forward to us and it is for us to decide what is good for us and choose it.

Wishing you all the best and good things in life…

Good Morning!

Have a lovely day 🙂

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Best Revenge


The best revenge is looking good!

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When we set out to do something, it is only ourselves that we have to fear.

If we have the determination to complete our task than no force in the universe can dare to stop us.

Whether it was making a new empire or opening a lemonade stall,

there are hurdles in everything.

Only if we are determined to complete our mission than we succeed.

Remember through out the day…

I’m gonna make it happen!!!

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It Takes a Strong Heart to…


It takes a strong heart to love

But it takes a

stronger heart

to continue to love after being hurt.

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Beautiful You…


Never Forget How BEAUTIFUL You Are!

Has anyone lately told you how truly beautiful you are?

Your beauty lies in the good deeds you do…

So, what have you done to enhance your beauty today?

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Good Morning!


Life is most beautiful at the crack of the dawn.

Feel it.

Live it.

Enjoy it.

Hope you have beautiful day today…

Good Morning 🙂

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Our Days Are Happier If We…


Our days are happier when

we give people

a bit of our heart rather than

a piece of our mind…

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Good Life


A Good Life is when you

Assume Nothing

Do More, Need Less

Smile Often, Dream Big

Laugh a Lot, and

Realize how Blessed You Are.

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Its Weekend Again…


Candy Time…

Fun Time…


Its Weekend Again…Enjoy!!!

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The Holiday Season Has Begun…


As the holiday season begins,

Let us pledge to

Enjoy every day,

Do at least one good deed a day

Be happy always

Bring a smile on at least one new face each day

Get going…

There’s a lot to do this holiday season…


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Be Humble


Too much Ego will Kill your Talent!

Be Humble…

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Pain is Temporary, Love is Permanent


Pain is temporary,

Love is forever;

Don’t make it the other Way Around.

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Good Morning


It doesn’t matter where you start.

Only that you begin.

Unless you begin, you will never complete.

So, just start, have the confidence and you shall succeed in your task.

Have a successful day, today!

Good Morning 🙂

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The Most Romantic Love Story


The most romantic story is not of Romeo and Juliet who died together

But of Grandma and Grandpa who grew old together  🙂

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Always Be Happy…


Always be happy, always smile…
Not because Life is full of reasons to Smile…
But because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile.

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