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A Lovely Thought on Smile


Smile is the key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart! ~~Get More Lovely Thoughts on Smile~~ Inspirational & motivational Quotes, quotes on love, life, friendship and humor with pictures to refresh your mind, body & soul

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Silence and Smile ~ Beautiful Quote ~ Thought For The Day…


SILENCE & SMILE are Two Powerful Tools SMILE is the way to solve many problems…& SILENCE is the way to avoid many problems… Smile Thoughts ~ Peace Begins with a SMILE ~ ~Inspirational Thoughts ~ Motivational Quotes – Beautiful Pictures ~ Make your day!~

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A Beautiful Quote on Smile and Life


Speed is calculated by miles per hour But life is calculated by smiles per hour. Smile always, in happiness and in pain… it costs us nothing but gives us a lot Inspirational & motivational thoughts, quotes with pictures to refresh … Continue reading

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Peace Begins With A Smile


Each time you smile at someone It is an action of love, It is a gift to that person, It is a beautiful thing. Peace begins with a smile. -Mother Teresa

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Let Your Smile Change The World


Let your SMILE change the world, Don’t let the world change you smile! ~~Quotes on Smile~~

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Just Smile and Get Dimples


If you are stressed, you get pimples, If you cry, you get wrinkles, So just smile and get dimples.

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Wear a Smile…


Wear a smile and have friends; Wear a scowl and have wrinkles. -George Eliot  

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Make Your Day, Today… Smile!


A day spent without a smile Is a lost day!!! Make your day, Smile

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  You are never fully dressed without a smile. There is always something missing if you do not wear a smile on face… No amount of make up and no designer costume can ever replace that 1 cm lift on … Continue reading

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The Prettiest Smile…


The Prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets, the prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain. How deceptive can looks be!!!

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