Clear The Mist-Talk!


Shobhna RJ quotes-clear the mist-talk-relationship-love-good-quotesThe clouds made me think there are two Suns instead of one…

What’s a cloud?

A bunch of little vapours!

It made a universal phenomenon look wrong!

Ever thought what a bit of misunderstanding does to the most delicate thing in our life

Our relationship with our loved ones, our friends?

Clear the mist…


If you feel like go and fight…

But don’t lose the precious bond over some mist of misunderstanding,

created most probably by someone who cannot understand where your real happiness lies.

-Shobhna RJ

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One Love-A Lifetime of Happiness


Two hearts-one love- a lifetime of happiness-quotes-good

Two Hearts,

One Love,

A Lifetime of Happiness!

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TRUE LOVE QUOTES- True love isn’t easy, but…


TRUE LOVE QUOTES-true love is to be fought for


True love isn’t easy,

but it must be fought for.

Because once you find it,

it can never be replaced.

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Mantra For Happiness


let-it-go-Mantra for-happiness-quotes

The smallest mantra for or key to happiness is to Let it Go.

Let bygones be bygones.


Remember, we always say, Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Everyone makes mistakes… including me and you.

Mistakes are what?

Well my take on it, I will explain in my next post :)

Right now, let’s be happy with what we have,

Our Relationships Are Our Greatest Assets,

Let us not lose them…

Forgive and Forget and move on…




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Distance doesn’t separate people, Silence does.


Distance does not seperate people, silence does,-love-break up-relationship-quotes

Distance doesn’t separate people,
Silence does.

Love needs expression…

I heard this in a song when I was a kid.

Did not understand the meaning at that time.

Then life explained this to me when I lost a valuable friendship.

Most of the fights between loved ones are due to misunderstanding.

Every fight/debate/argument deserves an explanation.

We ought to understand the views/thoughts of the other side too.

One sided decisions are never justified.

Please make sure that you do not lose a good friendship/relationship in life…

Talk… make sure you communicate…

Wish you a life filled with Love and Happiness!

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