I Want To Inspire People…


I want to inspire people

I want someone to look at me and say,

“Because of you I did not give up.”

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Not Everyone You Lose is a Loss…


Not everyone you lose is a loss.

Nothing and no one in life is indispensable.

There are a few people in life that make a positive difference,

who can bring a smile on our face in the face of storm,

and who make our life worth living…

Losing such a person is a loss that leaves a deep hole in our life…

But, not everyone is worth the tears we shed.

At times, it is good to lose a person who might mean a lot to us,

but we might not mean that much to him;

To lose a person who does not know our worth,

who does not care for our feeling…

is in fact good for us.

:) Be Happy ****** ****** ****** Keep Smiling :)

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Happy Endings and Happy Life


Do not let your search for

happy endings

get in the way of living a

happy life…

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The Happiness Of Your Life Depends Upon…


The happiness of your life depends upon

the quality of your thought.


The quality of your thoughts depends on

the people whom you meet in your life!

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Over Thinking Kills Your Happiness!


Over thinking kills your happiness!

Think before you act.


Do Not Over think… take a quick decision :)

Over thinking kills your peace of mind as one thing leads to another and then another!

If you over think when you go to bed… it will snatch away your sleep and lack of sleep can also kill you :)

Be wise… Think good… Be Happy :)

~~Get more quotes to make you feel Happier~~

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