A Beautiful Quote on Vision by Helen Keller


The only thing, worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision.

-Helen Keller

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Life is a One Time Offer, Use It Well


Life is a One Time Offer,

Use It Well.

~~Ponder over the intricacies of life… Get more Quotes on Life~~

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Plant dreams Pull weeds Grow a Happy Life


Plant dreams

Pull weeds

Grow a Happy Life…

Our Happiness depends on our Karma…

Good deeds lead to goodness being spread within and around us.

Bad deeds lead to stealing the calmness of our soul.

The best way is to Live in Harmony with our environment, the people around and the person within us.

If you can’t do good, don,t do bad either.

Dream of a beautiful and peaceful future…

Remove the ugly thoughts and bad feelings within you…

Have a Happy And Peaceful Future Ahead…

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Inhale Confidence – Exhale Doubt


Inhale Confidence

Exhale Doubt

Go ahead and Conquer your fears.

Achieve your dreams.

It is up to us to make our wishes come true in life.

Life is what we make of it.

The moment we have shed our doubts

is the beginning of our achievements.

The moment we start believing in our dreams

start having confidence in our self

confirms that finally we will achieve what we set for!

~~Have a Successful Day~~

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Having Lips and Not Using Them to Smile is Like…


Having lips and not using them to Smile

is like having a Million Dollars in the bank


Forgetting the account number!!!

Today your day is Beautiful…

Spend the day smiling…

Smile when something turns out good thanking yourself and your stars


Smile when something goes wrong, again thanking yourself and your stars that it did not go worse!!!

Go to bed Smiling and have a peaceful sleep…

Tomorrow is going to be another beautiful day!

~~Get more Beautiful Quotes on Smile~~

~~Wish your Dear Ones a Very Good Morning~~

~~Wish them a Good Night~~

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