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Today Will Never Come Again


TODAY will never come again. Be a blessing. Be a friend. Encourage someone. Take Time To Care. Let your words heal, And not wound.

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Stop Worrying And Start Living


Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live. -Henry Van Dyke Stop worrying and start living, NOW!

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Never Lose Your Enthusiasm…


You will do foolish thing, but do them with enthusiasm. -Sidonie Gabrielle Colette ~~Get Encouraged in Life~~

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No Matter How Many Mistakes You Make…


No matter how many mistakes you make Or how slow you progress, You’re still way ahead of everyone Who isn’t trying. -Tony Robbins ~~Words Of Wisdom~~

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Let Go Off…


If you really want to fly, You need to let go of The things that weigh you down. Let go of all you insecurities… Be confident… You are the one who can achieve your dreams… So, GO FOR IT!!! ~~Motivational … Continue reading

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Dream Big-Believe in Your Dreams!


Don’t let small minds Convince you that Your Dreams are Too BIG! Dream big and believe in your dreams. Realize them and let others wonder… ~~Dreams… they make our life more exciting and worth living~~ ~~Motivational Quotes~~

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When You Feel Like You CAN’T Go Any Further…


When you feel like you CAN’T go any further, Just know that the strength which carried you this far Will take you the rest of the way. ~~Motivational Quotes~~

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I Can and I Will!


Fear is a habit; As is self-pity, defeat, anxiety, despair, Hopelessness and giving up. Eliminate all of these negative habits with two simple Resolves:  “I Can!” and “I Will!” -Napoleon Hill

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A Wish for All My Friends and Loved Ones…


May you always have Happiness to keep you smiling, Trials to keep you strong, Success to keep confident, Faith to keep you going and Belief each day is a gift. ~~I wish for you the strength of mountains and the … Continue reading

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The Sun will Shine Brighter than Ever…


Sometimes it looks like everything Is falling apart and all you do fails, But you have to stay strong. Night is always darkest before the dawn And Life is just the same- The hard times will pass, Everything will get … Continue reading

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Motivational Quote-Mistakes make us Human


Mistake- Makes us human; Failure- Makes us stronger; Hope- Keeps us going; Love- Keeps us alive. Every human being makes mistakes. His failures give him moral strength. Hope keeps him going towards his goal to achieve success and his love … Continue reading

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Motivational Quote-Improve Your Tomorrow…


What you do today Can improve All your tomorrows. As the saying goes, what you sow, so shall you reap… Be good, be true to yourself and in all you do and the future will hold all the good things … Continue reading

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Thought For The Day – Today Will Never Come Again…


TODAY Will Never Come Again. Be a Friend. Be a Blessing. Take Time to Care. Encourage Someone. Let your Words Heal and not Wound.

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Time is Always With The People Who Have The Courage To Fly


Time is always with the people who have courage to fly, Not with the people who stand and watch the sky.

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Keep Your Smile Intact


Keep Your Smile intact 🙂  Use you smile to change the world. Do not let the world change your smile…

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