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Your Life Does Not Get Better by Chance, It Gets Better by Change…


Your life does not get better by chance, It gets better by change. -Jim Rohn Don’t wait for a miracle to happen… Be the harbinger of happiness… If life is going on a path where success seems a far off thing, … Continue reading

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That is Good Life!


Love yourself Flirt with your understanding Romance with your dreams Get engaged with simplicity Marry genuineness Divorce the ego That is Good Life!

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Success Never Comes Around To Look For You While You Wait Around..


Success never comes around to look for you while you wait around. You’ve got to get up and work at it to make your dreams come true. -Poh Yu Khing

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Don’t Confuse The Path You Are Going Through With Your Destination…


Don’t confuse the path you are going through with your destination. Just because it is stormy now doesn’t mean you aren’t headed for sunshine…

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Coins Always Make Sound…


Coins always make sound… But currency notes are always silent. So, when your value increases keep yourself calm and silent. – William Shakespeare

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Success Has No Time Limit…


Success has no Time Limit…

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Keep Your Heart Open To Dreams…


Keep your Heart open to Dreams. For as long as there’s a dream, There is Hope. And as long as there is Hope, There is Joy in Living. The Key to Happiness is Having Dreams. The Key to Success is … Continue reading

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Inspirational Quote By Robin Sharma On Handling Disappointment And Achieving Success…


How elegantly you manage disappointment will determine how quickly you’ll experience success. -Robin Sharma

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Do Not Read Success Stories… Read Failure Stories…


Do not read success stories, You will get only message. Read failure stories, You will get some ideas to get success! Good Morning! *******:)***:)***:)*******

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Defeat Your Enemies With…


Defeat your enemies with success.

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