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I, Shobhna Rahul Jain, am an Indian, living in Pune. Born and raised in a small and quiet town, I was educated at the school of St. Joseph’s Convent and did my professional degree of MBA. Since the age of eight I have been an avid reader of books by authors from all over the world on the topics ranging from  short stories, detective novels, romance, fiction, non-fiction….  I have always had a dream of becoming a writer myself someday and started writing prose and poems at the age of nine. Happily married, to the man of my dreams and blessed with two adorable and lovely daughters, I enjoy my life as a home maker.

My husband, who is also my best friend and guide, kept encouraging me to develop my talent. He helped me in setting up this website where I publish my prose, thoughts of my own and those that I read from various books and to which I add write ups of my own. My daughters help me choose the photographs to attach with various thoughts. I got the idea of attaching photographs to these thoughts from my co-sister, who also inspired me in making this website.

Apart from reading and writing, my interests include, travelling to serene places, solving Sudoku puzzles, talking and walking. I love to smile at all the people I see, regardless of the fact whether I know them or not, as I believe that a smile costs nothing, but it gives a lot, it can brighten someone’s day! At most of the times I get a smile in return and thus I get the feeling of having made a new friend in this world….

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  1. rajkumari says:

    Wow Shobhna!!! wonderful website, I am happy amazed and surprised to see that you the the auther of this website.Great Job done.
    Very valuable thoughts,quotations and really worldclass attempt i like this very much. My Best Wishes.


  2. VINESH NAIR says:


  3. nishant says:

    Great work………….
    will be a regular visitor ……..
    All the Best….

  4. shriprakash jain says:

    too good.

  5. Nikola Dimitrov says:

    Hey, Shobhna,

    Congratulations for the website!

    Keep up the good work!



  6. Anuj says:

    “HOPE is House Of Positive Energy.”~Anuj Somany

  7. Sarita sahu says:

    Thanks for sharing lots of positive thoughts which help us to live happily thanks once again and i pray to god that he will always with you and your family

  8. shailesh says:

    Ms. Shobhna

    you are doing a wonderful work by helping people to stay motivated in this stressful life. i visit this website, daily morning as i start my day with positive thought from this website only. many congrats to you for putting efforts in implementing such creative thought into reality. thanks a ton as these thoughts would help many professionals & people to do wonders, as “A small positive thought can change many things”, it is just a matter of implementing the same, practically… i wish you and your family the best… keep motivating… thanks – shailesh

  9. vaishali Dutta says:

    My Dear …. its simply owesome write up to put for ureself. U R a Wonderful , Very down to earth and one of the best persons came in my life. All the best..

  10. Denson says:

    Its really inspiring…Today is the first time, i believe, i have seen this site….its quite interesting too to know more on you…congrats

  11. Dr. M. S. Yadav says:

    Really beautiful, inspiring & motivational. Thumbs up on ur honest & amazing effort. Keep up the good work. All the best.
    Dr. M. S. Yadav

  12. Raj says:

    Good Work. Keep it up.

    Best wishes,

  13. C.MANOGARAN says:

    Healthythoughts.in is excellent website.Your positve ideas are for proactive people.May God bless you.

    best wishes from


  14. Vicky says:

    Great thoughts

  15. Huong says:

    Hi Rahul,

    Very nice web. I love the idiom: “You will never be brave, if you don’t get hurt. You will never learn, if you don’t make mistakes. You will never be successful, if you don’t encounter failure” and I would like to put it in my Thesis.

    Do you know the authour of this idiom, then I can put his/her name also?

    Thank you very much,


  16. Akbar. says:

    Hey shobhnaji congratulations for the wonderful work, life and attitude.i really liked this site of yours and appreciate all the work done by you and your family,found it really helpful…thank you.

  17. Aditya Mahobia says:

    Great Initiative.I am also working on the same philospohy.

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