A Motivating Quote by Big Sean on Life… Blessings and Lessons


Blessings on Blessings on Blessings,

look at my life man that’s

Lessons on Lessons on Lessons.

-Big Sean

Such a huge thing said in so simple and few words.

We just see the man waving from the mountain top,

We hardly go into see the hardships he had to endure while scaling the mountain.

We appreciate or condemn the wealthy lifestyle of a rich man,

We rarely give a thought to the failures he faced, the mid night oil he burned to be where he is today.

One thing that has to be learned here is:

Life is easy, just like school If,

you take all the hardships in your stride


look at the failures as lessons you read in class,

then prepare well for the exams ahead.

Study hard and understand each lessons,

then there is not a thing that can stop you from scoring excellently.

All the Best for the Exams you are going to face…

May you fare Excellently!

God Bless!

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