Life’s Best Moments Usually Happen Unplanned!


Life’s best moments usually happen unplanned-good-quotes-inspirational-motivational-life-thoughts-positive quotes

Life’s best moments


happen unplanned.

Whoever said this, was so correct!

My personal experience in life tell me so too!

Planning is a must,

but things not necessarily go according to our plans.

At times we do not get the exact expected results,

Again, there are times when we get some unexpected awesome results,

that make beautiful memories for our lifetime!

Think of the last road trip that was impromptu

or the hiking

or maybe a visit to your parents or old friends

or just a hug to your dear ones

or when you decided to have a game of poker with your family

or took your kids to the beach for a game of ball….

Well the immense happiness that these little unplanned things in life bring

can be compared to none.

I wish you loads of beautiful moments… unplanned happiness…

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