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Too Much of Anything Can Hurt You So Much!


Don’t trust too much Don’t love too much Don’t hope too much Because that too much Can hurt you so much

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Sometimes Somebody …


Sometimes, somebody says something really small and it fits just right into this empty place in your heart. You never know how strongly a small gesture or a few words from you can make a deep impact on someone else’s life. … Continue reading

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The Flowers that Bloom in Adversity…


The flowers that bloom in adversity are the most rare and beautiful ones. The nature also teaches us that You need to be Odd One to be Number One! Don’t be worried about all the odds going against you… It … Continue reading

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Stay Silent when Someone Expects You to Get Enraged!


The best experience is to stay silent when someone expects you to get enraged! ~~Get more thought provoking Quotes on Silence~~

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Physical Strength and Inner Strength


Physical Strength is measured by what we can carry. Inner Strength is measured by what we can bear.

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Eric Butterworth Quotes… Seeing is not believing


Seeing is not believing; Believing is Seeing! You see things, not as they are, But as YOU are. -Eric Butterworth

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Have Faith… Miracles Do Happen


 Sometimes all you can do is not think,  not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith because Miracles Do Happen…

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Happy New Year!!!


Forget all the sorrows and failures of the past But Not the Lessons they Taught you…… Be Compassionate, Be Loving… Be Driven by your Zeal yet, Be Caring… May this New Year fulfill All your Hopes and Aspirations… Happy New … Continue reading

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