Detox Water-Helps to Reduce Tummy!


Detox Water-to reduce tummy-health tips

Detox Water-Helps to Reduce Tummy!


2 liters Water

1 teaspoon freshly grated Ginger

1 medium Cucumber, sliced

1 medium Orange (Or Tangerine), sliced

1 medium Lemon (Or Grapefruit), sliced

12 Mint leaves

Method and Benefits:

Cucumber reduces bloating and water retention.

Orange stabilize insulin and blood sugar plus stimulates fat burn.

Lemon is loaded with vitamin C and helps your body turn fat into fuel.

Place cucumber and orange in a pitcher and add filter water.

Add mint leaves that promotes better digestion and calms stomach.

Refrigerate this overnight and drink this water throughout the day, next day.

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