Beautiful Quote by C.S.Lewis on Far Better Things


There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind .


Past is a good place to visit but not good enough to stay.

Future is a nice dream but one cannot keep dreaming all day and night.

Today is a present, live in it, enjoy it as it won’t come back ever.

Have a great day today 🙂


~~Forgive Those Who Sin Against You~~


~~Trust Yourself~~


~~Look at the Beauty of Life~~


~~Be Happy and Let Others Be So, Too~~


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2 Responses to Beautiful Quote by C.S.Lewis on Far Better Things

  1. truphy shila says:

    our own success lies in our hands but the only problem is that most of us fear to take the first step of daring to make our dreams come true and rather tend to think of the negative outcome

  2. truphy shila says:

    it hurts to love and trust a person whom u come to realise that he only played with your feelings and never meant anything at all.

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