Having Lips and Not Using Them to Smile is Like…


Having lips and not using them to Smile

is like having a Million Dollars in the bank


Forgetting the account number!!!

Today your day is Beautiful…

Spend the day smiling…

Smile when something turns out good thanking yourself and your stars


Smile when something goes wrong, again thanking yourself and your stars that it did not go worse!!!

Go to bed Smiling and have a peaceful sleep…

Tomorrow is going to be another beautiful day!

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~~Wish your Dear Ones a Very Good Morning~~

~~Wish them a Good Night~~

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One Response to Having Lips and Not Using Them to Smile is Like…

  1. QC says:

    Hi admin,
    Your Good morning quotes are very special for everyday life. I have collected many quotes from you, and I will come back soon. It’s encourage to work everyday life. So thanks a lot for doing this job.

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