Love… Just love… Inner peace resides in loving…

September 29, 2014


Just love…

   Inner peace resides in loving…

Love all life forms…

-Shobhna RJ

There is nothing that can calm our senses more than loving.

Loving another person,

Loving an animal,

Loving a toy,

Loving nature…

Love in any form brings peace of mind.

Think on the contrary, if you have hatred for any person or thing, how feel at heart.

Do you have peace of mind?

If you have no feelings, no love-no hate… just bland…

Is there not an emptiness in life?

Love is the spirit of the universe…

Again, if love is making you restless, then there certainly is something wrong.

Check that love does not become an obsession, as obsession of any kind is harmful!

Love and have no expectations of being loved back…

True love always has a positive impact.

No one can ever be rude to a loving person.

Love brings Happiness.

Spread Happiness and Be Happy Always :)

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