A Beautiful Quote by William Blake On The Man Who Never Alters His Opinion…


The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water


breeds reptiles of the mind.

-William Blake

We grow up each day.

We learn new things each day.

A person discovers a new aspect of life each day…

From the day of birth till we go to eternal sleep, life teaches us something new…

Things keep changing all the time…

Nothing in this world is stagnant.

When this whole universe does not stop revolving even for a second, how can a human mind stop thinking in different directions?

With changing times, people change, their point of view changes.

Forming an opinion about various things and people is normal human nature-than cannot be changed and need not be changed.

Yet, the opinion that we form based on the little knowledge we have about the subject should always be open to change as we get to know our subject better and deeper.

After a matter of time, our opinions become obsolete because things and people tend to change.

Hence, we need to change our opinion and be in pace with the current times else the world will go ahead of us and we will be left sulking.

Be in vogue with the time…

Think good-Think better…

Have a beautiful mind!

Lead a happy and peaceful life!






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