Children:Advice & Example


Children close their ears to advice


open their eyes to example.

What a child sees, he follows.

If a child gets love, he becomes a loving person.

If a child is cared for, he becomes caring.

If a child is always condemned, he condemns others.

If a child is berated, he learns to berate everyone.

If a child gets appreciated, he learns to look at the bright side of life always.

A child is just like wet clay.

Elders are the potters, it is up to them what they make out of this wet clay…

A pot to fill in water and replenish life


a pot to fill drugs and destroy life!

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  1. Mahendra Rautela says:

    Nice site..
    i need a daily thought for school has changed me..though being a teacher we ought to change the children.

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