Love You, Dear Daddy!


Dear Daddy,

The Patience that you have shown with me, since I was a baby,

enduring my tantrums, my late night crying,

singing lullabies for me, telling bed time stories,

teaching me to catch the ball (I’m the best at it amongst ALL my friends!),

teaching me to write my first alphabet,

The list goes on and on, it’s endless…

It amazes me!

I Trust you… as I know whatever might be, you are never going to hurt me…

You are and will always be there for me…

The Time that you give me, each evening after your office,

when you listen to all that I learned during the day,

the friends I made, the achievement I had, the falls that I had to endure…

everything and then the way you make me look at the

good side of all the things I thought happened bad to me…

I Love you Papa, my Pops, my Poppadum, My Dadda,

for being what you are to me…

my world!

You call me your me your Pride & Joy

But you know what…

The feeling is mutual,

You are the reason I am what I am today…

It’s just that today on Father’s Day,

I am taking the chance to tell you

Dad, you mean the world to me!

I love you!!!


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