Motivational Thought-True Strength


Strong people do not put others down…

They lift them up.

-Michael P. Watson

True strength lies in self confidence.

A Strong Person is one who has the confidence to stand up against all odds.

He has no fear of others and believes in competition leading to success.

While giving in his best, he believes in encouraging others to do better, too.

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3 Responses to Motivational Thought-True Strength

  1. el jumaidil @ jumadil bin ahmad says:

    strong people do not put others down, they lift them up
    what a quotes?
    i like this man.

  2. ravi says:

    Send me anything so that I could be thankful to you till my life

    • Be happy always… remember the old saying in our country… jo hota hai achche ke liye hota hai… aaj jo hai wo sabse achcha hai… is se achcha na kuchh thha aur na kuchh hoga
      Meaning “Whatever happens, it happens for good. What is today is the best… nothing was better before this… nothing will be better than this”
      So, friend, live you life today… enjoy and be a good Human Being… our world needs them 🙂

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