People In Our Life


In life, God doesn’t give us the people we want.

Instead he gives us the people we need.

To teach us, to love us and to make us exactly the way we should be.

When we are young, we have limited experience of life and so less knowledge of the type of people in this world.

We get impressed very soon, have a romantic idea of life and have unrealistic dreams too.

When we do not get the ideal people of our dreams in our life, we get disheartened.

But, as time goes by and we learn to live with them, we realize that life is a lot more than mere dreaming.

It is these real life people who teach us how to really live our life.

How to love in life, and feel contentment.

They help us understand life and teach us how to live it to full

God does all this with a purpose, to brighten our life.

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