Best Motivational Quotes


Feeling down?

Read these quotes, place them as wallpaper on desktop, remember them and let a smile of confidence play on your face, after all YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE and YOU ARE SPECIAL, ONE OF A KIND!

Happiness comes from within, you cannot search for it outside. Love cannot be asked for or bought, it is an emotion, you feel it or you just don’t. If the one you love, does not love you back, it does not mean that the world has ended, it just means that there is someone better for you 🙂

If others do not accept you for what you are, than it is their fault. You were born to be this way, you can make changes in yourself to live a better and peaceful life, but you need not make changes in yourself only to be accepted by others.

Accept yourself, the world will accept you. Respect yourself and you shall gain respect of others, too.

Be good unto others and they will be good to you.

Be happy in all situations, the situations will get tired of harassing you and be on your side 🙂

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    this thought is a very poite thought I like all thought here

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