Your Limits


Sky is the limit…. Or is it? Have you ever tried to venture further?

We ourselves set our limits and how do we know our own potential unless we give in our best to whatever we are doing and push ourselves to the point-thus far, no further… that is how we will know our limit.

Again, we can increase our limits by putting in more effort in every job that we do, after all, stamina is not build up in one’s body in just one day. To build your stamina you have to walk for five hundred meter day one, seven hundred the other and if continued daily than within a month you can walk over three kilometres as a single stretch! So, we cannot know out limits unless we push ourselves to them and also we can set our own limits and we can push it further by repeated and uninterrupted efforts.

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  1. Dejanira says:

    keep up buddy, you people are doing a great job!

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