You Are Unique


You are unique, you are special, you have a talent that no one else in this world has… so do not compare yourself with others and belittle yourself as by doing so you will be insulting the Special Person that you are…. as you cannot compare the talent of a fish by judging how it climbs a tree in the same way you cannot judge yourself by comparing yourself with others as each person is special and had special talent.

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2 Responses to You Are Unique

  1. Mary says:

    I reaaly do hope you are kidding. This is an Adolf Hitler quote.

    • Dear Ms Mary,
      Thanx for the information 🙂
      Hope u have noticed that I have not proclaimed those words to be mine, having said that, I wish to clarify that the description below the thought are my original.
      Stay happy and blessed 🙂

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