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Being Happy is The Best Revenge


The best revenge is happiness, because nothing drives people more crazy then seeing someone actually living a good life.

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Two Essential Things That Will Make You Wise


There are two essential things that will make you wise: The books you read and The people you meet.

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When a Man is Single…


  The grass always appears greener on the other side.

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When A Woman Says…


When a woman says, “What?”, it’s not because she did not hear you. She’s giving you a chance to change what you said.

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Talk to Yourself At least Once Daily


You are an excellent person, you have your own personal views about various aspects of life and when you talk to yourself these views come out without being influenced by those of others. Taking to oneself helps us to enrich … Continue reading

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I know People make Mistakes


To err is human and to forgive is divine. It is very easy to remember the wrong done by others and keep them nagging about it. But, it takes real strength of mind to forgive the mistakes of others and … Continue reading

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Make the Best Out of This Day


There is so much to do today and the clock is ticking fast… so let us get going and hit the road ’cause there is lots to accomplish and the day is not going to last long!

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If Your Problem In Life Is As Big As A Ship


Good always wins over bad. Whatever the problem, however big it is, we have the strength within us that is bigger and we can solve the problem. This strength comes from the blessings we get when we do good to … Continue reading

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Argument Vs Discussion


Discussion is good as it is to find out what is right whereas argument is to find our who is right.

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Live Your Life Before IT Leaves You


Stress kills the happiness and peace of mind… We better kill that stress. Mental satisfaction in life comes only when we reach the goals set by us… We better go ahead fast to achieve them. Helping someone takes you to … Continue reading

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Go For Someone Who makes You Smile


The person whose mind is beautiful, whose thoughts are worth a million and who has the magical ability to make you smile-is the ONLY ONE FOR YOU…

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Don’t Get Jealous To See Ex With Someone Else


Life is Long, Life is Beautiful, Life is not to be wasted on worthless people… Move on… Be Happy 🙂

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The Word “Love” Losses it’s Value When


The precious word-The magical word LOVE can have different meanings but if we use it overly it loses it’s value. We better handle and use this precious word as we would handle and use a precious piece of jewel…

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Thank The Past For A Better Future


Our past is our greatest teacher. Every experience in life makes us stronger, braver and wiser.

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When People Hate You Means


Many times inferiority complex generates dislike in a person. If someone dislikes us does not always mean that we are at fault… Instead we may be having special talent which they do not possess. We should definitely check our attitude… … Continue reading

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Ironic Truth of Life


We all have our own religious beliefs; we proudly say which religion we belong to. By default we consider our religion to be the best. We are ready to fight for our religious rights, ready to die for our religion… … Continue reading

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God Gives Us Not What We Want But All That We Need


God always gives us what we need and not what we want… All that is required of us is to understand.

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You Are Unique


You are unique, you are special, you have a talent that no one else in this world has… so do not compare yourself with others and belittle yourself as by doing so you will be insulting the Special Person that … Continue reading

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Replace Your Negative Thoughts With Positive Ones


Think positive and the results that you get for your efforts will be positive. An optimistic approach leads to success. Think that you can’t and you will never be able to- Think that you can and you will.

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Sometimes It’s Better To Be Silent


There are a lot of people who care about us, but a very few who REALLY care. There are only few whose wavelength matches with that of ours. We need to differentiate between them. When we are excited or upset we need … Continue reading

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