Ideas for Amazing looking, Low-maintenance, Lustrous and Stylish Hair


If you’re on a quest for amazing-looking, low-maintenance, lustrous and stylish hair, try these easy ideas:

1. Check out short haircuts. If you are blessed with straight and good textured hair then a short hair cut is a blessing for you. If your hair is very thick or very curly, a short cut can actually be more time-consuming than a chin-length style.

2. If you are in the habit of dying your hair or want to try it then use try at-home colour. A semi-permanent colour fades without noticeable roots, so touch-ups are needed less frequently. Plus, doing it at home saves money and time and you can experiment with different shades.

3. Try not to uses dyers, curlers and take care of your hair. Curling irons, flat irons, and rollers not only take more effort, but also damage hair. Ask your stylist for a cut that is a wake-up-and-go cut or at the most needs occasional blow drying.

4. Don’t forget to condition your hair and use leave-in conditioner. Applying a dab to ends keeps dryness to a minimum, and facilitates styling. Healthy, moisturized locks are more manageable than parched, crisp ones.

5. Consider a product upgrade. As we age, our hair texture can change, which means our styling product needs change, too. If your hair is becoming thinner or finer, look into a volumizing tonic or mousse instead of gel and hairspray.

6. Try snag-free ponytail holders. This will keep your hair from breaking and being damaged. They’re a staple for every low-hair-maintenance woman.

7. Go for layers. They dry easily; work for every hair type and length; and give a stylized, hip look without a lot of effort.

8. Change your part. It’s an easy way to update your style without investing time or money at a salon. Use a light-hold spray gel to help hold hair in its new place.

9. Don’t go in for too messy and time consuming hair styles. Keep your hairstyle simple and elegant and not to forget manageable.

10. Skip the fuss. When you’re done styling, keep your hands — and mind — off your hair. Too much energy wasted on a hairstyle is the ultimate in high maintenance!

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