Nov 22 2014

I Know that You will be One of Its Most Beautiful Chapters…



when the pages of my life end,

I know that


will be one of its most beautiful chapters.

What we share/have shared is special…

So special that it has left lasting imprints in my heart…

Memories of time spent together always bring a smile on my lips…

You… your smile… your words… make my day…

You have made my life beautiful.

Nov 21 2014

Purpose is More Important than Need


In the race between Cat and Mouse,

The mouse mostly wins…

Because the Cat runs for its Food But the Mouse runs for its Life.

Moral: Purpose is More Important than Need.

Have Courage…

Have a Purpose in life… Daily…

Thrive to achieve your purpose and you will realize that you finally have a satisfying nap at night :)

Nov 20 2014

Mistake in Words of Confucius


If you make a mistake


do not correct it,

this is called a mistake.


Nov 19 2014

Robin Sharma On Power of Solitude


There is staggering power in

leaving the world


heading out into some solitude

for at least an hour every day.

-Robin Sharma

Nov 18 2014

I Still Remember The First Day I Met You…


Each moment spent with the person, who means the most to us, remains etched in our mind…

From the time we first met…

When we first smiled at each other…

The first joke that we shared…

The day when one of us was feeling low…

The day when we realized how much we mean to each other…


It is not a must that we spend whole of our life with that person,

That person might be a childhood friend and later we go our different ways in life…

That person may be our teacher or our colleague, our neighbor…


Then of course the one who means the most maybe our partner in life…

Whenever you feel that there is a low in your relationship…

Think of the first time you met…

The first time of everything you shared…

And a smile is sure to play on your lips…

And as the saying goes…

Happiness lies in happy hearts…

All will be good…

Tell your dear one…

I still remember the first day I met you…

Nov 17 2014

Don’t Let Anyone Rent a Space in Your Head Unless…


Don’t let anyone rent a space in your head,

unless they are a good tenant.

You are a special person…

Don’t let anyone make you think lesser about you.

Only allow those people to influence you who make you feel good about yourself

And help you become a better person, a better human being :)

Nov 14 2014

Benefits of Drinking Water Right After You Wake Up


Numerous studies say that drinking water right after you wake up has numerous advantages.

This morning routine has healing effect and provides positive results regarding different serious diseases.

There is evidence proving that drinking water on an empty stomach can be amazingly helpful in treating numerous diseases, including:

headache, pain in any part of the body, cardiovascular disorders and diseases, tachycardia, epilepsy, increased blood fat levels, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney and urinary tract diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, diabetes, constipation, eye and vision problems, uterine diseases, menstrual disorders, diseases and conditions effecting the ear, nose, and throat.

Following are a few Benefits of drinking water right after you wake up:

Clears Your Bowels: First of all, when you drink so much water you feel the urge to pass stools. This means your bowel movement are regularized. When you pass stools every day, your body gets cleared of waste.

Expels Toxins From The Body: Water flushes out toxins that we consume with food or breathe with air every day. So when you drink water and urinate, you are actually detoxifying your body.

Makes Your Energetic: Drinking water and clearing your bowels gets rid of your sleepiness. It also makes you active and feel energetic.

Keeps Headaches Away: Most of the time, we experience headaches due to dehydration. Drinking water in the morning ensures that your body is not dehydrated.

Cleanses The Colon: Water cleans the colon of accumulated sludge. This helps the body to absorb nutrients faster.

Speeds Up Metabolism: Drinking warm water can raise your metabolic rate by at least 24 percent. This means you digest and assimilate your food faster and end up losing some weight.

Produces More Blood Cells: Drinking water on empty stomach stimulates your red blood cells to grow faster. This in turn results in more oxygenated blood which makes you feel more energetic.

Helps Lose Weight: If you are on a weight loss diet, then you simply must drink water on an empty stomach. This helps to flush out toxic trans fats and also increases the rate of fat metabolism in the body.

Gives You Glowing Skin: Most of acne problems happen when your bowel movements are not clear. Once you have a regular bowel movements, your body gets detoxified leading to lesser breakouts and acne.

Improves Your Immune System: Water is very important for the fluid balance in your body. You immunity to infections increases when you drink water on a empty stomach every day.

Nov 12 2014

Have Hope.. Be Strong… Laugh Loud…


Have hope

Be strong

Laugh loud

Live in the moment


Play hard

Smile often

Dream big

Remember you are loved


Never ever give up.






Nov 11 2014

Sandra Bullock on Deserving of Love


There is no religion, no class system, no color,

nothing, no sexual orientation

that makes us better than anyone else.

We are all deserving of love.

-Sandra Bullock

Nov 10 2014

You just Have to Figure Out Which People are Worth the Pain…


Everyone in life is going to hurt you,

You just have to figure out which people are worth the pain