Jan 25 2015

The Best Gift We Can Give To a Hurting Friend…


Sitting silently

beside a friend

who is hurting

may be the

best gift

we can give.


Jan 23 2015

I Like You a Lottle!


I like you a Lottle.

It’s like a little,

With a lot.

:) These Sweet Nothings make our relationship sweeter and stronger :)

A little smile,

Sweet words like you make my day…

I like you…

I like your smile…

:) All these and more make for a happy life :)

Jan 22 2015

Everyone is Fighting Their Own Battle…


Everyone is fighting their own battle, to be free from their past,

to live in the present and

create a meaningful future

for themselves.

Try to be understanding

Not judging.

Jan 21 2015

Mark Batterson on What to Do When Blessed Financially…


When God blesses you financially,

Do not raise your standard of Living,

Raise your standard of Giving.

-Mark Batterson

~~Hope you have a lovely day today and a peaceful night tonight~~

Jan 20 2015

Positive Thinking Evokes…


Positive Thinking Evokes
More Energy
More Initiative
More Happiness

Jan 19 2015

Love is an Act of Endless Forgiveness…


Love is

an Act of

Endless Forgiveness…

Jan 17 2015

Do Not Ask What Life Is…



Do not ask what life is.

You define it.

~~Live everyday as it come~~

:)  Hope You Have a Great Day  :)


:)  Hope Your Night is a Peaceful One  :)


Jan 15 2015

Struggles are Required in Order to Survive in Life, Because…


Struggles are required in order to survive in life,

Because in order to stand up,

You got to know what falling down is like.

Jan 14 2015

Florence Nigtingale on Success


I attribute my success to this-

I never gave or took any excuse.

-Florence Nigtingale

Jan 13 2015

A Great Relationship is Essentially About Two Things…


A Great Relationship is essentially

about two things,


 Appreciating the Similarities



 Respecting the Differences.