Apr 17 2014

Paulo Coelho Quotes on Being Firm


Do not say maybe if you want to say no.

-Paulo Coelho

Apr 16 2014

I Caught Myself Smiling For No Reason…


I caught myself smiling for no reason,

Then I realized I was thinking of you…

Apr 15 2014

Words of Wisdom-Be Strong But Not Rude…


Be strong but not rude.

Be kind but not weak.

Be bold but not bully.

Be humble but not timid.

Be proud but not arrogant…

Apr 14 2014

Eleanor Roosevelt-Thoughts on Matters of Head and Heart


To handle yourself, use your head.

To handle others, use your heart.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Apr 14 2014

Be Your Beautiful Self!


Be your

Beautiful self.

Be yourself…

Live life of your choice…

You are a romantic at heart…

You are a realist at work…

You have your own strong mind and power to think…

Use it!

Make your own destiny…

:) Live Happily and Let Others Live Happily :)

Apr 13 2014

I Am In A Relationship With…


I am in a relationship with…


:) Bring a Smile on your Beautiful Face :)

Apr 13 2014

Teachings of Lord Mahavir Swami-Obtaining Happiness


Fight with yourself, why fight with external foes?

 He who conquers himself through himself, will obtain happiness.

-Lord Mahavir Swami

Apr 13 2014

You Are Part Of A Puzzle In Someone’s Life…


You are part of a puzzle in someone’s life.

You may never know where you fit.

But, someone’s life may never be complete without you in it…

Apr 12 2014

Life Is All About Two Things…


Life is all about two things:

To do

Or not

To do.

Apr 11 2014

Your Focus Determines Your Reality!


Always remember

Your focus determines your reality.

-George Lucas