Oct 30 2014

Give yourself a Chance, Give yourself the Freedom, Give yourself the Confidence…


Give yourself a chance,

Give yourself the freedom,

Give yourself the confidence,

Feel the power that lies within you,

Live for this day,

Live the Extreme!!!

You have only one life…


Oct 29 2014

Change and Life in Words of Ray Norda


Cause change and lead;

Accept change and survive;

Resist change and die.

-Ray Norda

Oct 29 2014

Arthur Schopenhauer on Stages Passed by Truth


Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized.

In the first, it is ridiculed.

In the second, it is opposed.

In the third, it is regarded as self evident.

-Arthur Schopenhauer

Oct 28 2014

Sometimes We Forgive People Simply Because We Still Want Them In Our Life…


“Sometimes we forgive people simply because we still want them in our life.”

Long term relationships last only when we learn to forgive and forget.

Keeping a grudge against each other is the biggest hindrance in sustaining a relationship.

There is one thing to be kept in mind always…

No one is perfect…

Neither me nor you.

When we have this set in mind, it is easy to understand each other.

When our friend shouts at us or take their anger out at us,

Remember that he too might be hurting from inside for something.

Never make hasty assumptions.

Proper communication is a must.

There is always a reasonable explanation for everything.

Talk when minds are cool.

When someone close to you hurts your feelings, go for a walk…

Cool off.

Do not over think.

Indulge your mind in some other activity.

After a while you will finally have a clear insight of what happened.


Forgiveness is key to happiness.

Oct 27 2014

Be Encouraging, The World Has Enough Critics Already…


Be an Encourager,

The World Has Enough Critics Already…

Oct 24 2014

We Are All Of Us Stars…


We are all of us stars,

And we deserve to twinkle.

-Marilyn Monroe

Twinkle twinkle Dear star,

Don’t you know, how capable you are!

Up in your field you are so high,

You will shine like a diamond in the sky!!!

Oct 22 2014

Happy Deepawali


May the Lights of Lamps enlighten your Soul.

Let the crackers burn unwanted feelings inside us.

Happy Diwali!!!

Oct 20 2014

Hafiz on True Love Between Sun and Earth


 Even after all this time,

The Sun never says to the earth:

“You owe me.”

Look what happens with a love like that…

It lights up the whole sky.


Oct 16 2014

When Everything Seems To Be Going Against You…


“When everything seems to be going against you,

Remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

All great men were first discouraged for there thinking.

No one believed that the earth goes around sun or the earth is round.

It took the discoverers to go against the popular beliefs’ and do their research.

This goes on to say that we should not be discouraged by opposition and keep faith in our ability to carry forward with our mission in life…

Oct 15 2014

Winston Churchill on Reaching Your Destination…


You will never reach your destination if

you stop and throw stones at

every dog that barks.

– Winston Churchill