Clear The Mist-Talk!


Shobhna RJ quotes-clear the mist-talk-relationship-love-good-quotesThe clouds made me think there are two Suns instead of one…

What’s a cloud?

A bunch of little vapours!

It made a universal phenomenon look wrong!

Ever thought what a bit of misunderstanding does to the most delicate thing in our life

Our relationship with our loved ones, our friends?

Clear the mist…


If you feel like go and fight…

But don’t lose the precious bond over some mist of misunderstanding,

created most probably by someone who cannot understand where your real happiness lies.

-Shobhna RJ

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When I glance back, I now recognize the beauty of the road gone by


the journey is long-good-quotes

The journey is long….

Hurdles seem endless….

Yet when I glance back,

I now recognize the beauty of

the road gone by…

Each moment of life is beautiful…

Love it…

Live it!

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Happiness is a Drug…


happiness is a drug and i want to be your dealer-good-quotes-happiness

Happiness is a drug


I want to be your Dealer!

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One Love-A Lifetime of Happiness


Two hearts-one love- a lifetime of happiness-quotes-good

Two Hearts,

One Love,

A Lifetime of Happiness!

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TRUE LOVE QUOTES- True love isn’t easy, but…


TRUE LOVE QUOTES-true love is to be fought for


True love isn’t easy,

but it must be fought for.

Because once you find it,

it can never be replaced.

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Spend no Time Wishing it Were Better



Use your time, energy and talents to do the best you can right now.

Spend no time wishing it were better.

-Iyanla Vanzant

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Happiness… Somewhere Between




Somewhere between

too little and too much!

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Help others achieve their dreams and…


Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours-Les Brown-Quotes

Help others achieve their dreams


you will achieve yours.

-Les Brown

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Help Someone…


ronald regan-quotes-help-someone


I help Miss A,

Miss A helps Miss B

Miss B helps Mr C

Mr C helps Master D,

Master D helps Mr E,

Mr E helps Miss F,

Miss F helps Miss G,

Miss G helps Me!

Since today I can, so I am helping you…

Please continue this helping chain,

as tomorrow when I need help and Miss G needs to be motivated and willing to help!

As Mr Ronald Regan so rightly said:

We can’t help everyone…

but everyone can help someone.

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Knowledge lies in the Perception of the Seeker!


shobhna RJ-quotes-knowledge lies in the perception of the seeker

Learning is a life long process.

No one is learned enough and those who think they know all, actually have the most to learn.

Have you ever realized, when we read a book there are so many words that seem new.

We go finding the meaning of those words and then it leads to another new word.

If we go googling about the author, we get to know of so many books ha has written or of the people that have been a part of his life.

Then go googling about that book or person… and find another…

Well the series is infinite…

And yes, that is what is Web about… Knowledge… endless knowledge…

At times I feel I know all about emotions, I can go helping anyone in need…

Oh then I find out about someone who is fighting inner battles about which the outside world has no inkling!

Life has so much to teach…

Each day is a new class!

My teacher may be a beggar on the street or a bird in the sky…

My teacher might be my child or a piece of paper flying with the wind…

It’s all in my eye…

Right, as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder similarly I believe

Knowledge lies in the Perception of the Seeker!

-Shobhna RJ

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It’s My Life!


Its my life, my choice, my mistake, my lesson, non of your business

I am the sole authority of what I do in my life,

of the mistakes I make…

’cause I try to do something that is new to me.

I am the one who learns lesson from those mistakes…

’cause I am gonna be an achiever.

I do not give a dust’s peck for what other’s say…

’cause they are not going through what I am going


They do not know what goals I have in my mind to achieve.

After all if Newton had thought of “what will people say”

then we would still be wonder

why apple falls on ground instead of jumping to the sky !


My Life

My Choice

My Mistakes

My Lessons

Not Your Business!

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The Two Wonderful Steps for Happy and Successful Life…



Minimum Requirements


Maximum Adjustments

are the two

Wonderful Steps


Happy and Successful Life…

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Positive Thinking…Energy…Happiness


Positive thinking evokes-energy-initiatives-happiness-quotes

Positive thinking evokes

more Energy,

more Initiatives,

more Happiness!

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A Little Nut that Held its Ground


motivational-quotes-a giant redwood is yesterday’s little nut that held its ground

A giant redwood


yesterdays little nut


held its ground!

mm~~Get Motivated with our Collection of Motivational Quotes to become an Achiever


Live a Happiness Quotes and Satisfied Life~~

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Smile… It Intimidates…


smile-quotes-it intimidates those who wish to destroy you


It intimidates

those who wish

to destroy you!

~~Bring a Smile on your face with our humble Collection of Quotes on Smile ~~

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Motivational Quote- Stay Cool!


If ‘Plan A’ did not work-do not worry-motivational quotes

If ‘Plan A’ did not work.

The alphabets have 25 more letters!

Stay Cool!

If something does not click in one go…

no need to panic…

Keep Cool and Think…

There is always some alternate way.

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Quote for the Day: Time has its own way of revealing the truth!


Time has its own way of revealing the truth-time-quotes

Time has its own way of revealing the truth!

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You Are A Born Chooser!


You are born a Chooser-motivational-quotes

You are not born a winner.

You are not born a loser.

You are born a chooser.

Life gives endless opportunities,

sometimes encouragement in the form of a win


sometimes discouragement in the form of loss.

The point is to take out the positive from these opportunities

and choose the path to follow for future.

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Psalm Ode-Teach Your Tongue To Say…


-Psalm Ode-Quotes

Teach your tongue

to say

I do not know


you will progress.

-Psalm Ode

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Maya Angelou Quotes on Learning


I've learned that I still have a lot to learn-Maya Angelou-Quotes

I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn…

-Maya Angelou

Learning is a Life Long process….

Each day is class and every person/every object is a teacher!

~~Get more Words of Wisdom by great thinkers~~

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